Strategic Litigation

One of the objectives of the “Promoting Gender Equality through Empowerment and Mainstreaming” project is to improve the effectiveness of legal remedies in discrimination cases, and to increase the knowledge of legal professionals of gender equality and the principle of equal treatment. This goal will be achieved through strategic litigation of cases involving gender discrimination and multiple discrimination (i.e. discrimination on the basis of more than one characteristic). During the project, the Commissioner will select discrimination cases with key legal policy implications which will be brought to court to help shape court practice in the area of equality law.

Strategic litigation will provide the opportunity to bring to court issues and cases involving gender discrimination and multiple discrimination that have not yet been subject to judicial review. Strategic litigation aims to improve legal protection in gender discrimination and multiple discrimination cases and to heighten awareness of the principle of equal treatment for women and men.
Trainings will also be organised for attorneys and other legal practitioners.

The Commissioner will engage in strategic litigation in close cooperation with local law firms.

The role of the Office of the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner in strategic litigation is to provide expert advice to the legal experts and attorneys representing the alleged victims of discrimination in court, and to cover attorneys’ fees, state fees and, if necessary, the court costs incurred by the defendant if a case is unsuccessful.

Strategic litigation will be funded through the Norway Grants 2009-2014.

Norway Grants