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Sa ei ole oma murega üksi. Siit leiad vastuse erinevatele diskrimineerimist puudutavatele küsimustele. Oleme siin selleks, et Sind aidata.

A person who has recovered from an illness has an equal right to work

Everyone can sometimes fall ill or experience other difficulties. However, when a person recovers and overcomes their difficulties and is able to work again, they should not be treated less favourably at work because of a previous illness or difficulty. Everyone has the right to work and to feel good at work.

Aleksei went through a difficult time in his life. Let’s see how he’s doing now.

Aleksei was a drug addict in his youth. He couldn’t live in peace or go to work because of his addiction. That’s why Aleksei was so keen to get well. He looked for help in the Hope for Life Health Centre. He was treated at the health centre for five years. The treatment worked well. Aleksei quit using drugs and went to work.

Now, Aleksei has been working in a factory for four years. He does a good job. The manager has never had to tell him off.

But his manager knows a doctor. The same doctor also happens to treat Aleksei. One day the doctor tells Aleksei’s boss that Alexei uses certain medicines.

In fact, doctors are not allowed to tell other people about their patients’ health. This is actually prohibited by law. The doctor broke the law by talking about his treatment of Aleksei.

Aleksei’s manager wants to know what medicines Aleksei is taking. The manager looks on the Internet and learns that this drug can help against drug addiction.

Now the manager is telling everyone at work about Aleksei’s medicine. He says the medicine is taken by drug addicts and calls Aleksei a drug addict. His colleagues start treating Aleksei badly. The manager demands that he resign from work.

But Aleksei’s manager has no right to send him away. Drug addiction is an illness. Alexei received treatment and recovered. He no longer uses drugs. He does a good job. Nobody can be belittled or driven out of work because of an illness they once had. Every person can face difficulties or illnesses in their lives, which they can recover from. Everyone has the right to work and to live a full life.

Aleksei tells his manager that he’s doing his job well. So why does he have to leave his job? The manager thinks a little and agrees that Aleksei is a good employee. The manager apologises to Aleksei. Aleksei carries on working. His colleagues also see how well Aleksei is actually doing. They don’t say bad things to him anymore. Everyone can feel good at work again.