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Are your premises accessible to hearing impaired people?

This questionnaire gives you an idea of what to look out for to ensure that hearing impaired people can also feel comfortable in your premises. Some of the questions may not concern your activities and your premises.


  • Have hearing impaired people been kept in mind in the way a door lock or barrier is opened?
  • Is important information presented visually or as text?

Moving and staying indoors

  • Is the room quiet enough (no excessive background noise)?
  • Does the room echo?
  • Have soft, sound absorbing materials been used in the room?
  • Is there a noise-free room where one can rest?
  • Is there a hearing loop at the service desk/hall/meeting room?
  • Is there an FM system in the classroom?


  • Can the service staff communicate with a hearing impaired person?
  • Is the service employee facing the hearing impaired person?
  • Does the service employee speak slowly and clearly?

Read more about ensuring accessibility

Problem-free hearing environment (Estonian Association of Hard of Hearing)

Designing & creating an inclusive living environment (Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre)

If you feel that you’ve been treated unequally, please contact the Equality Commissioner by e-mail at avaldus@volinik.ee or telephone +372 626 9059. The anonymity of the person is guaranteed when contacting the Commissioner.