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Children from all families can attend hobby groups

There are different kinds of families. Not all families are exactly the same. But the children of all families have the same rights! If the parents in some families are different from what people are used to, this should not interfere in any way with the children’s activities.

Klarika’s family is different from what people are used to. Let’s see how Klarika is doing in her dance classes.

Anne and Mari live together as spouses. They have a daughter, Klarika, who loves to dance. There is also a hobby school nearby where children can take dance classes.

The heads of the hobby school want to talk to the parents of all children. Anne and Mari are also invited to the school for a chat. During the chat, it turns out that Anne and Mari are raising their child as a couple. The dance teacher doesn’t like it. He no longer wants Klarika in the dance class. The dance teacher doesn’t understand a family where two women are raising a child. The dance teacher fears that such a family undermines family values.

However, the head of the hobby school disagrees. He stands up and explains that children of all families can dance in the hobby school. All that matters is that the child wants to dance in the school and do the things they like. Klarika can continue dancing. The whole family is very happy about it!