As employers, it is important for us to find qualified employees. There is much we can do to improve the company’s image by expanding our opportunities in the labour market. We can expand our searches by implying that we care. We can be open and free from prejudice, and employ talents and professionals in their field. Hard-working employees with special needs can be found everywhere – in sports, politics, banking, IT, trade, service, manufacturing, catering, marketing, etc.

By using the “SIIA SAAB” badge in your company’s job ads, you will be signalling to a potential job seeker that you are an employer who is looking for all talented people in the field, regardless of their specific needs. You are ready to make, or have already made, specific changes or adjustments in your company by providing access to, for example, a wheelchair user, a hearing impaired person or a visually impaired person. The use of the “SIIA SAAB” badge means that the employer has created or will create, if necessary, equal access to building and dwellings, work organisation, public authorities and companies, transport, as well as the living environment and information in society at large.

  • Helpful for the employer
  • Tööandjate Ühisus – an association of employers
  • Unemployment benefits of Töötukassa [Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund]
  • Services to the employer of a person with reduced ability to work
  • Adjustment of work premises and equipment
  • Töötukassa recognises its best partners every year