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Is the local government obliged to provide childcare for a nursery school child while the nursery school is on collective holiday?

The nursery school goes on a collective summer holiday and does not offer summer care – this is something that has happened in many nursery schools. How should parents who are unable to leave their children with relatives, who are unable to hire a nanny and who need to fulfil their work obligations, act in such a situation?

In most cases, nursery schools have at least one working summer group for children during the summer holidays. If there is no such nursery school group, but there are still parents whose children need childcare, they should contact the local government. The local government is required to help parents in this situation.

The Preschool Child Care Institutions Act does not release local authorities from the obligation to offer a nursery school place in the summer months. If a nursery school is on collective holiday but some children need childcare, the local government is obliged to offer other suitable options, such as a nanny or another childcare place. The fee for the service must remain at the same level as for the place in the nursery school.

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