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Leia murele lahendus

Sa ei ole oma murega üksi. Siit leiad vastuse erinevatele diskrimineerimist puudutavatele küsimustele. Oleme siin selleks, et Sind aidata.

Is it necessary for the employer to intervene if an employee of different nationality is disparaged by his or her colleagues?

Yes. Misconduct or hateful comments among the working team may make some people feel uncomfortable and they may perceive it as harassment. Therefore, it is inappropriate to disparage people on the basis of their nationality or the inherent nature of other people in the work environment.

In the event of clearly harassing comments targeted at people of different nationalities, the employer is not allowed to remain passive on the grounds that it is a misunderstanding between the employees. On the contrary, the employer should resolve any harassment cases caused by colleagues. The employer is responsible for ensuring that no employee feels harassed in the work environment.

If you did not find an answer to your concern, you may contact the Estonian Commissioner for Gender Equality and Equal Treatment in a free format by sending an email to avaldus@volinik.ee. When contacting the Commissioner, the identity of the person shall not be disclosed and, upon request, anonymity shall be guaranteed.