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Sa ei ole oma murega üksi. Siit leiad vastuse erinevatele diskrimineerimist puudutavatele küsimustele. Oleme siin selleks, et Sind aidata.

Is it possible to dismiss a female candidate for recruitment if the rest of the staff is male and the premises are tailored only to them? For example, if there is only one changing room with a shower?

No. Such conduct would be direct discrimination on grounds of gender, as the candidate is excluded solely because of his or her gender.

If, in other respects, a female candidate is the most suitable for the job, the employer has no right not to recruit her. In addition, the employer also has a statutory obligation to promote gender equality, which requires, among other things, that the employer should ensure that vacancies are divided as much as possible between men and women, and that they are recruited in equal numbers to different positions. The obligation to promote also expressly requires the employer to design working conditions, which are suitable for both male and female employees.

If it is a work environment where the nature of the work necessitates changing of clothes and washing oneself, opportunities must be created for this by treating both female and male employees equally. This can be done, for example, by adjusting the use of the available options over time.

If you did not find an answer to your concern, you may contact the Estonian Commissioner for Gender Equality and Equal Treatment in a free format by sending an email to avaldus@volinik.ee. When contacting the Commissioner, the identity of the person shall not be disclosed and, upon request, anonymity shall be guaranteed.