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Politically minded art teacher

Politics is something that affects everyone in society one way or another. Many people who are not politicians still want to have their say in politics. This is natural and good. It’s also natural that people have different views on politics. Everyone is free to choose their own views. However, there are jobs where you have to be especially cautious when it comes to politics in order to not force your views on others. The job of a teacher is one of them.

Let’s see how teacher Pille reconciles her work and her interest in politics. 

Pille works in a school. She is an art teacher. Pille is an active person. In her spare time, she enjoys her hobbies. Pille’s biggest hobby is politics. She likes to discuss political issues. From time to time, Pille writes articles on politics. She wants to invite people to think along about important topics. Some readers agree with Pille, others don’t. Pille finds it completely natural. After all, better decisions can be made by comparing different opinions!

But one of Pille’s colleagues doesn’t like the fact that Pille publishes articles about politics. According to this colleague, no teacher should say openly which political party they prefer. The colleague fears that Pille is imposing her views on the students. This colleague tells the school principal about his concerns. The school principal explains that a person’s political views do not prevent them from being good at their work. Of course, teachers must not impose their political views on their students, but Pille doesn’t do that anyway. She has every right to engage in politics in her free time.

No one has to hide their political views because of their job. All that matters is that you always express yourself in a polite and respectful way!