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Time off for taking one’s child to the doctor must be given

All parents want their children to be happy and healthy. Yet children also have health problems, sometimes quite serious ones. Then you need to see a doctor. Who else should look after a sick child and take them to the doctor if not the parents? An employee must not be treated badly at work because they had to take their child to the doctor. A parent of a disabled child cannot be fired because they have to care for the child. All employers must take this into account.

Let’s see how Laura came to an agreement with her employer.

Laura is a happy single mum. She has a lovely ten-year-old son, Martin. Martin lives the life of an ordinary child. He goes to school and loves to draw. The mother and son have only one big worry. Martin has a disability – he has a heart condition. Because of this, Laura sometimes has to take Martin to the doctor. The doctors check Martin’s health and treat him. They are hopeful that Martin’s health will improve if he gets proper treatment.

One day, Laura has to take her son to the doctor again. But she has to be at work on the same day. Laura asks her employer for permission to leave work three hours early that day. Otherwise, she would not be able to take the child to the doctor. Laura promises to work late on other days. However, the employer does not allow Laura to leave early. Laura is forced to tell the employer that her child has a disability. It’s essential that she takes her son to the doctor because of his disability. There is a long waiting time for an appointment with this doctor. Because of this, Laura cannot reschedule the appointment. The employer still doesn’t want to listen to Laura. He is very angry. The employer threatens to fire Laura if she can’t go to work.

Fortunately, Laura knows that no one should be treated badly because of a disability. Nor can anyone who has to care for a disabled person be treated badly.

A parent of a disabled child cannot be fired because they have to care for the child. Laura stays calm and reminds her employer that going to the doctor with her child cannot be the reason to fire her as the mother of a disabled child. This is prohibited by law.  The employer understands that Laura is right. He allows Laura to leave work early that day. Afterwards, the employer thinks that Laura is actually a good employee and is always helpful. It would be foolish to let her go. Creating the right working conditions is good for everyone!